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Confidentiality is the assurance that everything shared in counselling sessions is kept between you and your therapist. I do not share any information about you with anyone and I handle all records related to our work with the highest standards of confidentiality. Although these records are secured by me, you have the right to access them at any time.

Limits of Confidentiality

Information shared is kept between you and your therapist at all times except under these special circumstances:

  • Where there is potential risk of harm or neglect to a child.
  • Imminent harm to self or others.
  • Court ordered subpoena.

Consent for Virtual or Telephone Services

  • Public or free WiFi may not provide confidentiality; please use a secured connection.
  • Please insure you are in a private area away from friends or family.
  • E-Chat will use encrypted platforms for sessions, however there is still a risk that someone could access our conversations.
  • Recording sessions is not permitted without written consent of E-Chat.
  • If the internet connection is disconnected, the counsellor will make contact with you via text/phone or email to discuss finishing the session.
  • If the internet fails and you are in an emergency situation, please call 911, contact a crisis centre or go to the nearest Emergency room. Please advise counsellor after connecting with Emergency services.
  • It is imperative that the Emergency Contact Person information is completed on the Intake form in the event of an Emergency

Session Fees

Session fees are $150.00 for individuals and $180.00 for couples for the standard 50 minute session.

Fees are payable prior to session if paying by E-Transfer or following the session if credit card information is provided: